“Why Veeam is our preferred choice for your data.” Lawrence Harmer, Product Manager at Vitanium.

At Vitanium our ‘why’ is about providing the best possible data backup and recovery solutions for you, our client. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 servers or 200, we believe that everyone should be fully aware of how to back up their data correctly with the solution that’s right for them. This is why we use Veeam.

Our Veeam services offer the best possible option for bespoke data back up and recovery. In fact, Veeam is so impressive that I use it for my personal backups at home and insist on all my family backing up with it too!

Veeam offers us the most flexible way to achieve our goal of offering high quality backups that are UK based and supported by UK engineers. All our engineers are Veeam certified, and unlike many other companies, we can visit our servers and offer clients the chance to do the same because our servers, like us, are 100% UK based.

Why is Veeam the best?

When I first started working for Vitanium in 2015, it was clear that Veeam had begun to dominate the backup market and would go on to become a market leader in virtual machine backups. Fast forward to 2022 and I’m pleased to say we were right, due to their unrelenting pace of innovation, quality of software, first class technical support and unique understanding of service providers, Veeam has grown into the frontrunner of the data backup and recovery world.

We’ve always valued the investment Veeam make in development, housing a huge development team and a high-quality code base. They also recognise the unique and differing needs of cloud service providers like Vitanium.  

Their flexibility allows us to use Veeam software on Vitanium equipment, meaning we can spin up on the servers of our choice and offer a full management service to our clients. What’s more, this approach means we can choose exactly where our servers are located, assuring you that your data will never leave the UK.

For Vitanium, partnering with Veeam means there’s not much we can’t do! It also means that you get all the benefits of Veeam software, serviced by our UK based, certified engineer team and run off servers at ISO 27001 certified UK data centres.

Veeam Services we offer:

  • Licensing: as a Veeam Partner, we can offer licensing for Veeam products with different models and backup solutions to suit all your needs.
  • Cloud Connect: offsite backup.
  • Object Storage to provide Ransomware Protection.
  • BDR service: fully managed backup and disaster recovery service with hardware & software supplied and configured by us.
  • Office 365 backup solutions.

What our Veeam services mean for your data:

  • Rapid Recovery: boot a virtual machine directly from the backup file and you could be up and running again in two minutes. Veeam’s service drastically reduces your RTO and RPO.
  • Ransomware Protection: protect yourself from the biggest threat to your data.
  • Cost Effective: after assessing your data needs, we’ll come up with a bespoke solution that fits your brief and budget.
  • Automation: your backup is no good unless it’s tested. If you’ve never recovered your data, how do you know it’s protected?  Veeam’s Sure Backup tests your backups automatically and emails you the results.
  • Flexible backup policies: Veeam software lets you get granular on your data. You can decide what data you keep and for how long. You can set up for the retention and regulatory requirements of your sector. We can advise you, or if you’re time poor, have a look at our BDR service and let us supply and configure everything.

Future Thinking

As Product Manager for Vitanium, it’s my job to keep an eye on what industry developments are happening and how they could further benefit our clients. I’m excited by what Veeam have planned for 2022 with the additional development of some fantastic features such as, Salesforce Backups, Public Cloud Backup (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud), Microsoft 365 developments, Kubernetes and Direct to Object storage enhancement.  With this in mind, I have no doubt that Veeam is and continues to be the very best partner for Vitanium.

In my opinion, partnering with Veeam allows us to fulfil our objective of offering you, our client, the very best UK based backup and storage solutions.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can create a custom solution for your data backup, storage, and recovery needs, contact our team here.