Case Study

They were struggling with this

An Essex based legal firm was the victim of a ransomware attack on some of their in-house servers, rendering their systems locked and inaccessible. They needed to be up and running as soon as possible, but had not previously fully considered the effect of Recovery Point Objectives (RPO’s) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO’s) upon their data protection strategy. They had assumed that by “having a backup”, they would be up and running quickly and without much significant disruption.  However, their current solution wasn’t designed for full recovery of multiple systems; it took over a week to restore and rebuild, after which some data loss still occurred. This was an unexpected and unwelcome discovery.

We were able to help with

The company had worked with an MSP for several years and the MSP approached us for our expertise to help design and implement a system that met the company’s RTO and RPO goals. Together with the MSP we implemented a managed Veeam based Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) device which enabled instant recovery for protected VMs and servers. Using the BDR device meant that critical VM’s could be booted in the space of a couple of minutes directly from the backup files, even if the original hypervisor had failed. For complete peace of mind, Veeam’s SureBackup feature was configured to perform automated weekly tests against the backups to ensure recoverability. A 3-2-1 backup strategy was achieved by sending an offsite copy to Vitaniums Object storage platform, which gave complete protection against ransomware via the immutability option built into Veeam.

We managed to achieve

Ransomware Protection

Backups are made immutable via Object Lock on Vitaniums storage platform

Low RTO and RPO

The BDR box deployed can have servers back running in minutes.

Achieved the 3-2-1 rule

Implementing both onsite and offsite backups the customer is now following the backup industry’s best practise.

Data Locality and Security

Vitanium only use Tier3+ UK data centres with ISO27001 accreditations, no data ever leaves the UK shores.

Managed Service

The whole system is managed and monitored leaving the company to concentrate on its business.

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