Case Study

They were struggling with this

A local healthcare provider used a bespoke application to store important data.

Local storage systems were needing to be continually upgraded with capex expenditure to cope with the increase in data. Much of the data was also only accessed infrequently. It was also a challenge to ensure the data was adequately protected via backup.

We were able to help with

The application had the capability to tier older data into an S3 compatible storage platform.

We were able to assist the customer in setting up some policy driven management to tier older data to Vitanium’s S3 compatible object storage platform.

OpEx pricing was able to remove the random CapEx and replace with a predictable OpEx cost. The provider was able to save money by still using hardware which was perfectly serviceable, but would otherwise have needed to be replaced with that of a larger capacity.

Simple Pricing

Easy to understand pricing on a monthly per GB fee basis with no hidden charges has allowed the customer to easily predict costs.


No need to upgrade on-premise equipment, only current data is stored locally the rest is tiered to our cloud storage.

Data Locality and Security

Vitanium only use Tier3+ UK data centres with ISO27001 accreditations, no data ever leaves the UK shores.

S3 Compatible

Our solution is fully compatible with S3 allowing the application to work seamlessly with our storage.

Saves Money

Converts difficult and unpredictable CapEx into a much more manageable OpEx cost.

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