Ootbi means
back-up storage
The out-of-the-box immutable Back-Up solution that absolutely, positively ensures the integrity of your data.

Overview – Why choose Ootbi for your business

Are you confident your current data back-up solutions can truly withstand any disaster?

Traditional back-ups often fall short, leaving businesses vulnerable to data loss from hardware failures, software corruption, or even cyberattacks.

We’re thrilled therefore to introduce Ootbi by Object First, our hyper-secure, ultra powerful on-premise back-up storage device guaranteed to protect the integrity of your critical business data.

Ootbi is a revolutionary back-up appliance built on the very latest Zero Trust data security principles using S3 native immutable object storage. Ootbi is designed and optimised to seamlessly integrate into your existing Veeam back-up workflows, providing continuous, automated data protection without the complexity, while delivering unbeatable Veeam backup and recovery performance.


Safeguard your business back-ups with Ootbi

Ootbi requires minimal setup and ongoing maintenance, and because of its super fast data ingest speeds you can back-up to it almost continuously, helping safeguard more of your data as you create it. This reduces the risk of back-up gaps and ensures you can restore any back-up, from the most recent to oldest, in seconds.

Moreover, Ootbi’s storage protects your data from online threats, by ensuring no-one can alter your back-up once it’s created safeguarding your back-ups from ransomware attacks.

Don’t let data loss threaten your business continuity. Embrace the future of back-ups with Ootbi’s out-of-the-box immutability and experience the ultimate in back-up protection, effortless devices management, and enjoy peace-of-mind where your back-up data is concerned.




Totally secure, unchangeable, ransomware-proof back-up storage

Ootbi quite simply is Ransomware-proof, delivering out-of-the-box immutability (unchangeable data) from the get-go – securing your critical business back-ups for as long as you need.

With Ootbi:
No one can modify your business data: Your critical data absolutely cannot be overwritten or altered in any way.

No one can delete your business data: Your critical data cannot be deleted until the retention period you set expires.

You can save your business data more often: Ootbi’s superfast ingest speeds allows more frequent back-ups, so you don’t lose hours or days of data.

Why not give Vitanium a call to find out more about how adding Ootbi by Object First to your backup systems can immediately secure your essential business information in a virtual back-up Data Fortress.

Case studies

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