Case Study – Tecomak enhances email efficiency with Mailhive Email Archiving

Tecomak Environmental Services is an ISO-accredited specialist ventilation company serving various sectors, including healthcare, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and biotech markets.

With a history dating back to 1995 and a substantial number of long-term customers, email plays a central role in Tecomak’s operations, containing valuable historical messages and data spanning over 20 years.

The Challenge

Given that the ventilation industry provides critical assets related to the health and well-being of end customers, it’s crucial for Tecomak to be able to demonstrate that equipment has been serviced or certified at specific points in time.

Having previously been reliant on legacy email storage such as with PST files, Tecomak recognised that moving to a fully cloud based archiving system would provide a huge increase in convenience, data integrity and security.

Through their IT company, Tecomak had an existing relationship with Vitanium for backup and connectivity. Whilst looking for a way to protect and search their historical email content, Vitanium initially demonstrated our email archiving platform to Tecomak in 2011.

The Solution

Mailhive efficiently archived all inbound and outbound emails from Tecomak’s on-premise Exchange server, whilst also offering user-friendly search and retrieval functionalities.

Tecomak heavily rely on the platform to quickly retrieve older emails sent or received by current or previous team members. It provides them the ability to deliver a high level of customer service, whilst simultaneously mitigating risks to their business. Being ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certified, being able to demonstrate accurate record keeping and data management is key in staying compliant with their certifications.

According to Ross Black, Financial Director, “The Mailhive archive is critical to our business operations, and having the ability to easily search and retrieve emails from across the entire organization is incredibly valuable to us.”

“We can rest easy knowing that all incoming and outgoing emails are securely archived and can be retrieved, even if they have been deleted or otherwise modified.”

Ross Black, Financial Director

In 2021, Tecomak underwent a migration to the latest version of our archiving platform following their own migration to Microsoft 365. This gave them the benefit of additional features such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and user synchronisation with their 365 tenant.

This allows all Tecomak employees to have access to their own individual emails within the archive, protected behind SSO, while the management team retains full company-level access.

Ross further states, “We can rest easy knowing that all incoming and outgoing emails are securely archived and can be retrieved, even if they have been deleted or otherwise modified.”

The Result

With Vitanium and Mailhive, Tecomak has achieved streamlined email management, improved compliance, and increased operational efficiency, ultimately contributing to their overall success in delivering exceptional ventilation services to their customers.

Vitanium look forward to providing secure, cloud based email archiving to Tecmoak for many more successful years.