Who cares about ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is incredibly important for any organisation that holds sensitive data. The main industries for this being the Education sector, government agencies, IT companies, Financial and Telecoms and many more.

ISO 27001 is designed around security for data. Protecting information. It isn’t just an IT accreditation. This is why so many companies not in the IT sector are interested in working with companies that are ISO 27001 certified, or even aim to achieve the standard themselves. ISO 27001 provides the framework, the methods and procedures to follow to ensure data is kept safe and secure.

Education Industry

Schools, colleges, universities, nurseries and many more all hold very sensitive data, especially in the case of minors. There are increasingly more regulations to comply with to ensure the safety of those in education. No one can argue that this data should not be backed up and protected.

Financial Industry

Insurance companies, banks, brokers and other financial organisations are heavily regulated. In fact, it is the most strictly regulated industry in the country when it comes to data protection. ISO 27001 helps to cover many different aspects of these regulations, making it a key certification to follow and easy to show complicity to governance.

Of course this industry are focused on costs as well. Preventing incidents such as data loss or security breaches is a lot less expensive than dealing with the consequences of one of these incidents. It’s better to be prepared and have the right tools to combat them in the first place. Financial companies are almost always the most advanced in threat protection and risk management, so it is imperative that companies they work with also follow high standard procedures.


Most government agencies are dealing with sensitive, confidential data. This makes it imperative that the data is protected to a high certification. Again, similar to the financial institutions, it is dar better to have a small cost to protect data than to deal with the blow-back from not having protected it properly in the first place. With ISO being an internationally recognised standard, ISO 27001 is an excellent choice to show the government that data protection is being taken seriously.


Internet providers, mobile network providers and others in this industry deal with a massive amount of data on a daily basis. This is also heavily regulated, just like the other industries listed. Compliance with these regulations s incredibly important, both for the companies to prove to regulatory bodies, but also to their customers. It provides assurance and credibility that their data is being handled correctly and is safe in your control.

Pretty much everyone

Everyone should be trying to protect their data as much as possible. Not only does it prove to industry/government bodies and your customers that you are taking data protection seriously, but also it can save you a lot of hassle, time and money in the long run. It’s a win-win!

For more information on ISO 27001 specifically, check out our post on what ISO 27001 actually is and why it is so important or for anything else, get in touch to see how we can help with any backup or security requirements.