Using data backup experts makes life easier and protects your data

Before hybrid and remote working became the norm, an organisation’s data sat in a well-equipped office and was easy to monitor. Now, employees are working remotely, data is backed up to the cloud, and it’s difficult to stay on top of data security. Can you, or your IT department, keep up?

Hybrid working offers new risks from unprotected personal devices, shadow IT, and using public WiFi connections. What about disgruntled employees as internal threats? In the modern office there are plenty of security gaps for cyber-criminals to take advantage of.

If you think you can afford to put your data protection on the backburner, you’re wrong. Criminals are looking for a way in, and 95% of cyber security incidents happen because of human error. That’s before you even consider the high rates of accidental deletion. 

Do you know what your RTO and RPO times are, and have you tested them? If you’re not sure, you need specialist help. The good news is, we’re here to make your life easier and take care of your data so you can manage your business.

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Why use third party data backup experts?

Vitanium is a data backup and recovery company. We are specialists who deal with data protection day in, day out. We’ve pretty much seen it all and there aren’t many problems we can’t solve. We stay on top of the trends and updates, so you don’t have to.

If you’re outsourcing your backups to a general IT company, or if you’re trying to do them yourself via internal staff, it’s likely they are also busy doing other things, which means there is room for knowledge gaps and errors.

Backups should be a top priority. Putting them on the to-do list of anyone who has other responsibilities is a sure-fire way to watch as something more urgent takes precedence – which only increases the risks to your data.

We genuinely believe using a third party like Vitanium can take the headache and hard work out of your data protection strategy and implementation. Here’s why:

  • Scalability – your business is constantly evolving. If you’re growing your business, it’s important to protect all your data and our systems offer very easy scalability with no hassle.
  • Ever changing tech – can you keep up with the latest patches, what cyber-criminals are doing, or where your data is in the cloud? Tech is in constant motion, and you need experts who are focused on the latest developments to keep your protection up to date.
  • Data locations – where data is held is becoming more complex. Your data isn’t safe unless you’re protecting all of it. To do that you need a data and backup audit and plan. We can help spot the holes and secure them.
  • New developments in backup and protection – data protection is racing to keep up with cyber-criminal activity and the latest accidental or insider threat trends. Not being aware of these means losing vital tools to protect your data from the newest threats. We’ll do this for you.
  • Holistic view – you might understand one part of your IT setup, but it takes experience and expertise to understand the best way to protect all the different elements, pull them together and manage them for you. This is a specialist job, and we’re the specialists.
  • Frees up your staff time – employee time is valuable. An IT manager is better deployed updating your CRM system or helping other staff members with their IT queries. Relying on one person creates room for error and some very stressed members of staff.

Why is protecting your data important now?

In times of recession companies tend to tighten their budgets. Is your IT budget at risk? If it is, or if staff members are overloaded, it increases the chance of oversights, knowledge gaps and entry points left open for criminals.  

Use a data backup specialist to make your life easier

You need specialists who understand how to protect and manage your data for you. Vitanium have 15+ years’ experience of keeping data safe, and it’s our job to stay up to date so we can protect yours.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late, take our no-obligation questionnaire here and find out if your data is fully protected. Or contact our UK-based team and we’ll be happy to help.