Ootbi means
back-up storage
Discover the power of immutable Back-Up - learn how Ootbi secures your data and protects your organisation.

Technical Details – security you can trust, without the complexity

A Fort Knox for your data: Imagine your back-ups locked away in a high-security vault, accessible only to authorised users, but unchangeable even by them. Ootbi by Object First has been designed from the ground up to store your back-ups securely using S3 native object storage providing immutable data protection and high-speed – ensuring your information is always safe and readily accessible.

Unbreakable protection: Rigorously tested and continually monitored, Ootbi’s secure back-up storage keeps your Veeam back-ups safe from unauthorised access. Ootbi has been engineered to be virtually impenetrable, with no connection to the operating system, creating an amoured shield for your critical back-up data.

Multi-layered defence: Ootbi’s unique hardware design separates it from your Veeam back-up and replication server, createing multiple secure layers, safeguarding your data against potential threats and ensuring reliable recovery.

Simple setup and management, Box-to-Back-up in 15 minutes.

Quick to set up: Get Ootbi up and running in minutes, with just a few basic settings – just three IP addresses, a username, password, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). That’s all it takes to start protecting your data.

Effortless scaling: Need more storage? Not a problem, quickly increase capacity and performance by simply adding additional Ootbi nodes to your system – a breeze thanks to Ootbi’s automatic scaling and load balancing. Plus, your existing Veeam configuration remains untouched, ensuring a smooth transition.

Always up-to-date: Ootbi keeps your back-ups safe with automatic updates delivered directly from Object First secure servers. No need to worry about manual updates or managing complex software versions. This ensures your Ootbi operating system stay up-to-date and protected against potential vulnerabilities, minimising the risk of security breaches.

Powerful performance for your business-critical back-ups

Rapid Recovery: Get your systems back up and running quickly with Ootbi’s super fast recovery capabilities. Ootbi delivers exceptional recovery performance, having been rigorously tested running up to 80 VMs in a 4-node cluster enabling you to recover entire virtual machines in seconds, ensuring minimal downtime and a swift return to normal operations in the event of an incident.

Built for Veeam for Unmatched Performance: Ootbi seamlessly integrates with Veeam Smart Object Storage API. Performance scales linearly and automatically as you add more nodes to your cluster, eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring efficient back-ups as your data needs grow.

Engineered for Efficiency: Ootbi is specifically designed to handle Veeam data at the default block encryption size, eliminating the need for additional configuration or optimisation, ensuring smooth operation and optimal back-up/restoration performance – saving you valuable time and resources.

Ready to safeguard your data in just 15 Minutes?

Join us for the ‘Box to Back-up in 15 Minutes’ video guides, where we’ll guide you through the entire Ootbi setup process, step-by-step. Get started with ‘Unboxing Ootbi’ and see just how easy it is to achieve secure and efficient data back-ups!

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